CIS | Who We Are
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Who We Are

Who we are

 The CIS – Consulting Intelligent Solutions as a consultancy advice company in the quality and hospitality fields, CIS was established by a group of highly qualified professionals, to offer a wide range of educational, training, consultation and technical assistance programs for organizations and individuals in the area of hospitality, Quality Management as well as other related fields.

The collective experience of CIS members covers key market sectors whether for hospitality, manufacturing or service organizations such as Manufactories, Exporters, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurant, Cruises, Suppliers, Hospitals, Banks in the Food, Legionella, Pool, Healthy & Safety, Housekeeping, Quality, ISO Management Systems, …etc.

CIS team possesses a long experience in training, education, and consultation. CIS team directed and consulted over 200 clients from different business categories. CIS team provided consultation and technical assistance to a wide range of companies. The scope of consultations provided ranged from establishing quality systems that satisfied international standards requirements, to solving specific performance problems and coaching Six Sigma improvement projects.


CIS has established worldwide network with prominent institutions working in the same field, both locally and internationally certification bodies.


CIS’s method of work depends on building clients’ capacity, where CIS’s consultants train and mentor the client’s in-house team, and transfer the required knowledge to them. CIS’s consultants coach the team during implementation and provide advice and corrections as necessary. CIS’s consultants relay heavily in their method of work on “On Job Training- OJT” and “Training Sessions- TS”. This promotes ownership among client’s staff, improves morale, retains knowledge within the organization, and ultimately results in creating positive organizational cultural shifts.